Announcing Opaque Editions

The conception of opacity amongst insurgent anarchists¹ is vital to the struggle against the social order. In an age where everything is surveilled, where our lives are processed through online profiles, and transparency has become the demand of every activist across the political spectrum, the need for opacity reveals it’s importance for all who resist. It is necessarily incompatible with the political logic of activists, who crave attention and media coverage for their cause. Instead, the insurgent weaponizes their invisibility in order to strike.

To name this project OPAQUE is to recognize the imperative of shedding every last misunderstanding that so-called leftism has implanted within anarchist thought and practice.

This project has grown out of years of writing, designing and distributing material. Some of this appeared under the banner Ruine des Kapitals, some elsewhere. This project aims not simply to disseminate information, but to put forward explicit positions and circulate theoretical and strategic contributions to social war.

One noteworthy aspect of the Ruine des Kapitals project was the general abstention from placing it’s own name or URL on anything posted. This decision was made to emphasize the authors and publishers of the original texts, and not on itself as the intermediary. This project will differ in this regard in order to provide a consistency—every piece to be taken as part of a whole, together forming a coherent position.

Ruine des Kapitals will likely continue to host first drafts as well as other texts on occasion.

With the announcement of Opaque Editions, the first four publications are now available:

Do Riots Work?


Nine Theses on Insurgency


Guns, Cars, Autonomy


Against Assemblies



1. The term “anarchist” is used as short-hand to describe a position against the economy, against patriarchy, against the state, and against white supremacy. There are many accomplices in this struggle who do not use the label anarchist, and many enemies who wear the label proudly.